Jan 15 – This is the simple journal I made following Teesha Moore’s YouTube Video.  It makes a 16 page journal out of a single large parent sheet of watercolor paper.  This one is actually bigger than that because I used two sheets.  I didn’t find it necessary to buy a $70 page tearer, either.  I used a board I found in the garage.  For the second one I made the other day with the art girls, I used an 18 inch ruler and moved it as necessary.  The very idea of a $70 page tearer made me laugh!

The pages have been prepared with a variety of acrylic inks for vivid colors.  I’m using this as an journal for the art journal journey I’m taking (thank you,  Dawn!).  I also added a new page for this journey and it’s showing up in the sidebar under Art Journal Caravan.