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Feb 27 – I believe I mentioned cat flap?  Well, Phoebe discovered it yesterday and now she won’t leave it alone.   Fortunately, only her head fits through, or there could be problems.  Unfortunately, she uses it to bark out of.  If she thinks she hears someone outside (almost every time it’s a car driving by on the road), she sticks her head out and barks now.  She also sits in front of it and looks back at me, as though asking why *she* doesn’t have an automatic door.  I’ve told David we may need to upgrade to dog door.

Why is it cat flap and dog door?  That’s my question of the day.


Feb 26 – I repainted the chicken floorcloth.  When I went to wax it last time, I was flying blind and the Turtle Wax I used (blind, I tell you!) stripped some of the paint off and dulled it, as I hadn’t put a protective coat on the paint.  This time I varnished the paint.   And I have new wax – actual floor wax, the type that is to be used on a floor cloth.  Of course, I moved it from under the sink and can’t remember where I put it, but the house is small, so I will find it.  I’m very pleased with the new colorful version.  This time I made the chicks more Buff Orpington chick color, instead of bright yellow.

Feb 25 – It’s good to be the cat.  Things are back to normal Chez Michaels except that David left yesterday without me.  I’m to stay home and get my learner’s permit so he can start teaching me to drive.  I have been procrastinating as I have no desire to drive a big truck in the snow.  But I suppose I’ll get it and just say no to snow driving.

Feb 24 – The winter goldfinches are squabbling about dropped seeds.  They are fun to watch.

Feb 23 – This year’s hot soupy dish of choice is beef stew.  I haven’t made my favorite pepper/potato soup once this year (even though I stocked up on bell peppers just for it!).  Nope, I’ve been craving carrots and potatoes and chunks of beef.  That’s pretty much all I put in my stew.  Sometimes a tad bit of onion or celery, but this time it’s beef and veg.  And it’s true that if you dry the meat, it browns better!  (We watched Julie & Julia while we were on the road – I want to make the beef bourguignon now).

What I don’t understand is beef stew recipes that call for a pound, maybe two, of beef and two carrots.  Excuse me?  The carrots are the best part to me.  My stew has a bunch (literal there) of carrots and then I may even add more if that doesn’t look like enough.  Also, 2-4 potatoes?  More like 6.  I guess I make my beef stew with the beef as flavoring more than main part the dish.  But yeah, carrots, lots of them.

I will be growing carrots this year – they were easy and required nothing from me.  I want to get the rainbow ones because those seem particularly tasty from the Farmers Market.   Oh, how I look forward to the Farmers Market.

That’s my favorite stainless skillet and favorite bamboo spoon.  We don’t used non-stick cookware as we’re both suspicious of teflon…

Feb 22 – This photo was a quick shot when everyone was moving on a grey day, but I love how David’s hand caresses Phoebe and wanted this for my day’s picture.   That dog adores him.

Feb 21 – Hobie stayed home while we were on the road.  We installed a cat flap between the house and garage, and there is already a dog door going outside from the garage.  The dog pen that the dog door leads to has a cat-sized escape hatch, so he is able to come and go as he pleases.  He pleased, as evidenced by the fresh cat prints in the snow the day we returned and the half a dead mouse in the living room (the bottom half, if anyone is keeping score).  We also got an automatic feeder and waterer and a mechanical compartmentalized feeder in which we put his medicine.  It swings around and opens a new compartment every 24 hours and his medicine was gone when we got home, so we know he got it.  He takes an L-lysine paste to keep his herpes under control and it was one of the biggest worries when we were setting all this in motion.  The automatic feeder is perfect, though, and I’m very happy I found it.

When we did get home he talked and talked and talked, telling us all about his time alone.  He spent a lot of time sitting on or near us, talking all the while.  He calmed down after a bit and went back to being our cool cat.

I think once the snow goes away he’ll hardly notice when we’re gone.  He spends non-snow days outside until dark, hardly ever coming in.

I love the single white hairs on Hobie’s ears – not well visible here, but when he’s on my lap I see them clearly.

Feb 20 – Sorry for the blurriness, but sometimes that’s the only shot I got.  David was using the propane torch to get the fire going – he was cold and a little impatient.  Sometimes our wood is a little damp and this was the case today.  The propane torch does work well and is becoming the go-to tool in a number of instances around here.

Feb 19 – Sunrise in Piqua, OH.  We spent the night in a mall parking lot as the rest area we were shooting for was closed (thanks, ODT!).  David was at the very end of his legal driving time, so we had to stop where we could.  I didn’t sleep well, worrying that someone was going to roust us, though no one even approached the truck because the dogs never made a sound.  The sunrise was pretty, though.

The stresses we allow ourselves are often worse than the real ones.

Feb 18 – Heading home after a reload and we’re back where it’s snowy.  *sigh  This is West Virginia.  David is looking over at his Qualcomm, as he’d just gotten a message and it announces that in a pleasant feminine voice.  Either that or Phoebe had just taken over my seat and he was reaching over to give her a pat.  I was mainly taking a picture of the snowy road.  Note the knitting on the dash.  I finished a sock during the trip.  🙂