Jan 23 – a sad day for me.  Today I sent my chickens to a new home.  During the planning stages of what’s going to be the new normal here, we thought we could keep the chickens.  We’d set them up with automated feed and water and the neighbors had said they’d come check on them.  Last week, though, I found one of the baby chickens had gotten into the main room of the barn and she had eaten string.  When I found her, she was standing very still with a couple drops of blood on her beak and a long piece of string coming out of her mouth.  I picked her up and started pulling – she had swallowed about 3 foot of string!  That showed me that chickens need a little more supervision because had I not gone in when I did, she probably would have died.  So yesterday David called someone who had expressed interest and today he came by – much faster than I expected this to happen.  I am bereft and chickenless…Avery is still here, but obviously she will need a new home as well.


My Project 365 will be sadly missing the chickens.