Jan 28 – Hobie was not content with the fishing pole.  Now, every time the dogs go outside, he positions himself in the middle of the floor, crouched down in readiness and yowling for the Red Dot of Doom.  Here he demonstrates his advanced banking technique.  I run him down the hall and back, bank the couch and down the hall again.  A few twisty circles, more banking and then the dogs are back so we have to stop.  Sadie has figured out what’s going on in her absence and if she comes in the entry and hears cat claws scrabbling on carpet she gets mad, scratches at the door and barks a number of times.  Her usual “let me in” is a single bark and patience.  Red Dot of Doom brings out her inner cat and she does not like being left out.

I tire of animals telling me what to do.  Of course, I almost always do it, so they have trained me well.