Jan 29 – Hobie says “DO NOT WANT”.  He is wearing a harness in preparation for his vet visit for his yearly shots and wellness check (he’s 2 lbs chubby, but that’s his winter weight.  In summer he slims out with his long days outside hunting and whatnot).  I decided with him that I did not want a cat who would sit in a box and yowl the whole time we are at the vet.  So I started just toting him in.  His first visit he was small enough to climb into a kleenex box through the slit on top.  (I warned the vet so they could take out the first layer of tissues – I’m guessing someone with a cat allergy would not like dander-infested tissue!)  Now that he’s bigger and stronger, I use a harness.  He does yowl when we first get in the car, but then he finds his comfy place on the backseat floorboards and calms down to the occasional mew.  At the vet’s office, he hid in a cubby hole that exists in the corner of the room and once we got in the exam room he climbed into the sink.  He’s a good kid overall and waited patiently in the car while I ran in to get some groceries.