Feb 1 – A friend’s birthday is tomorrow and this is her gift (which I can safely post because it’s a few days later and I know she got it safely).

Dawn’s digital scrapbooking business name is Createwings Designs (blog link) so I wanted to incorporate that.  It took a couple false starts but then the muse whacked me with a 2×4 and I was off and running in that wonderful creative place.  On the inside cover is the quote that inspired her name, a lyric from Melissa Ethridge that says “I believe we can fly on the wings that we create”, which is something that has inspired both of us.

I seem to have found the thing that makes my heart sing with these fabric journals I’m making.  I’m going to make a couple to see if I can make them when they aren’t intended for a specific someone and put them for sale in my etsy shop.  They pull together so many of my favorite things that it’s just a joy to create them.