Feb 2 – Today Avery went to live with my friend from the feed store, a fellow chicken lover.  She has a big coop with individual cages for the special chickens – same size as Avery is used to living in.

That night I got this email:

“Hi, Laurie!
Ms. Avery is doing great!!  She is between a black cochin  hen and a rosecomb leghorn hen.  It’s a hoot!!  She’s looking at them with her head tilted one way….then she tilts another way….then she makes funny sounds.  It’s so funny to watch her.  You can tell she’s not used to being around other birds.  She is totally enamored with those two birds!  And of course, them being used to being with other birds all the time, just totally ignore her!  She’s just talking and talking and talking.

She’s all settled in, had a very nice supper, and is trying to make friends.  🙂

Thanks for trusting me with your sweet baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!  She’s a doll.”

So that made it a little easier.  I still look for her, though.  I am chickenless.