Feb 14 – For Valentines my sweetie got me a memory foam mattress pad and a porta-pottie.  I found it most romantic because it was amazingly thoughtful.

When we go to bed (the truck bunk is a twin), the dogs move up front.  Sadie takes the driver’s seat, Phoebe the passenger’s.  Phoebe fits easily in the seat, but Sadie hangs over a little.  She rests her chin on the window edge and watches out for us.  Fortunately, she realized quickly that she didn’t need to bark at everyone she sees.  Now she only barks if someone is right next to the truck.

This picture is when we had gone to the back of the truck and the girls wanted to see what we were doing.  The grey is the black-out curtains that hang across the cab in back of the seats so we can sleep in brightly lit places.

We were in North Carolina at the time.  I had gotten down to one layer of clothes and sneakers, so I was so very happy.