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Mar 18 – Today I finished participating in a follow along fiber art challenge with the Fiber Art Traders yahoo group.  The completed project was a crown-shaped fabric journal.  We were supposed to take a picture of our queenly selves in it, but around here the girls are queen, so I made Sadie pose.  Phoebe wouldn’t hold still and Hobie tried to eat it.  Sadie is better natured and posed in a most queenly fashion.

She got a haircut yesterday.


Mar 17 – Eye exam today and they dilated my eyes.  They asked four or five times if I had sunglasses, which I did.  When I got outside I wanted to see why and peeked over the top and watched as the world whited out.  Oof.  Never was I so glad for the dim interior of my house…

Mar 16 – Fist of all, please note the complete absence of snow.  In a week our 4-8 inch snowpack has disappeared due to two weeks of sun followed by a very strong rain followed by more sun and warmer temps.  Hank is already in service!  Usually he doesn’t come out til mid-April but the snow is all gone and the rain washed away the accumulated road salt.  As those are my requirements, I called the insurance guy and had him put Hank back on.  I don’t have to drive down to Grand Rapids to pick David up any more.

This is my hill out back.  I use it as part of my walk to amp up the difficulty.  The Art Chalet is at the top, behind the green arrow the pine trees are making.  The dogs love this walk.

While on my walk yesterday I heard an unfamiliar bird.  I tried to remember its call as best as possible and went home to my iPod Touch and iBird, which let me search by call and time of year and location.  It narrowed the 900+ birds to around 150.  I went through the unfamiliar ones until I found the call I thought I had heard.  Then I looked up the bird and figured I couldn’t really count it on my list as I wasn’t entirely sure and the bird isn’t normally in Michigan, technically.  Today I took my iPod with me and went back out.  The bird was still around, still singing and this time I played back the call and it was note perfect – a Smith’s Longspur!  So now I have it added to my Life List and am very pleased.   The bird is migrating to its tundra nesting grounds but singing along the way.   This makes four birds on my Life List that I have by call alone – 2 owls (Barred and Great Horned), the Longspur and the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo, which I hope to see this summer since I know it’s down there by the river in back of the house.

Mar 15 – finally got the sunset.    I’m standing with my back to the corner of the house, which I think is a good spot.  We had a couple very cloudy days that allowed no sign of sun followed by a day when I went out about 2 minutes too late to show where the sun was going down as it had already gone.  I think I’ll move my sunset picture day to the 15th now.

Mar 14 – a trip to the Goodwill netted these awesome Mary Janes by Keen.  I swear they hadn’t been worn.  Keens are some of the most comfy shoes I’ve ever had (I have two pair now and love them both).  Judging from my shoe collection, I have an affinity for Mary Janes and Converse All Stars.  I also love cowboy boots but at present don’t have any, unless my Redwings count a little (which they do).

Mar 13 – Lake Cadillac is starting to look melty.  Lots more water at the canal, though these Canada geese didn’t seem to care.  All the ice shanties are gone already, though as I was cruising around I did see a couple people still ice fishing on the melty ice.

Mar 12 – Robin Watch 2010 was rewarded with not one, but a flock of robins in our front field.  I was out with the dogs and heard robin song and set off with my camera.  I got a couple pics of on the ground robins but when I stepped closer the flock lifted to this tree and made such a nice picture!  Strangely, though I’ve been to town on 3 different occasions since then, I’ve yet to see robins anywhere but at my house and you know I’ve been looking.  I hear and see them every morning here but nowhere else.  Perhaps they knew I was looking for them!

Mar 11 – as long as I’ve been taking photos I’ve been looking up into trees and taking pictures of what I see there.  I love all these branches against the bright blue sky.

Mar 10 – my latest fabric journal.  This one I am putting up for sale in my etsy shop (links to listing).  I’m very pleased with the colors and the fabrics.  Now to start on the next one. . .

Mar 9 – I just had to get out of the house and into the day.  As I drove past this part of Cadillac Lake, I noted a bump on the snow and correctly assumed beaver.  I didn’t have telephoto lens this time, but 10 mp allows for a fairly close crop.  The bump on the ice is the beaver.

This part of the lake stays fairly open all winter because there’s a canal between it and Lake Mitchell.  I will usually stop by to see what creatures are stirring.  Often it’s birds, but I have seen both beaver and otters here, which definitely keeps me coming back.   The ice on the rest of both lakes remains thick enough for ice shanties and ice fisherman to venture out.  I even saw a truck the other day.  March 15 is when the ice shanties have to come off the ice, though.