Mar 3 – I baked bread today.  I use a recipe from the blog Beauty That Moves, found here.  When I bake bread I remove my rings, and this is my ring holder.  Makes him a ring-tail cat!

Under the cat is my personal cookbook, where I keep the recipes I use all the time.  It’s a 4×6 card file thing I picked up at Target once (due to my infatuation with index cards).  The cards are divided into 4 colors, and the edges of each are that color so I divide my recipes by blue main courses, brown bread-type things, orange misc stuff (my canning recipes and things to make other things like the homemade equivalent of condensed cream o’ chicken soup) and green veggies.  The cards have a post binding, so I can flip through easily and there’s a cover with an elastic band that holds it all together.  It’s a very nice, rather elegant solution for me.  Saves me having to dig through books and loose pages looking for a recipe.  Also, I get to write the recipes in language that I like, rather than being told every tiny little step.  It makes them much shorter.

PS: the bread was so very good, so it was.  I made a grilled ham & swiss sandwich with it with a side of homemade pickles and my day was made.