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March 20 – I seem to get a lot of pictures of birds on top of the pines.  This is a blue jay.


March 19 – While wandering the yard, I found myself staring up these trees and liking the view.  I like when my camera and I see the same thing.

Well, I’ve been dealing with the whole life being turned upside down thing and some personal blue days, and that has kept me off-line.  I have pictures, I have them ready to upload, just not sure how many will get on today as I have to pack up for another trip out.  When we return, I’ll be staying home to get the new cat (!) fixed, so I will be back.   I’m going to try to update while on the road, though it’s a little difficult with David’s ancient laptop (it’s probably 10 years old!).

I am still here.  Please be patient.