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May 31 – Couldn’t decide which picture to use since we had some good times.  This is Dory sleeping.  David took this picture.

Hobie in the barn.  We were out playing fetch with the dogs in the late evening last night.  Dory also plays fetch (though she can’t bring the ball back, she likes chasing it and the dogs).

Today we went to Olga Lake to kayak.  On the way, a doe jumped across the road and at the side of the road was her newborn fawn!  I walked over carefully to take its picture.  It hunkered down in the grass.

It was so new it could barely stand.  I kept an ear out for mom in case she didn’t like me getting close.

Then we got out on the water.  At first we didn’t see the loons but after awhile we heard them.  We paddled over their way and soon enough they were swimming near us.  What delights me so much about the loons is that they do come so close on their own and they are calm about it.  They just watch us as we watch them.  After a bit they went to where we figure their nest is and so we left them alone.


May 30 – Just playing with the new camera as we get acquainted.  I love my happy Buddha.

May 29 – Meet the new Cybershot,  so not like the old!  The old one, model DSCH-2  purchased December 2006, was 6.1 megapixels with a 12x optical zoom.  The new one, model DSCH-55B purchased this day, is 14 megapixels with a 10x optical zoom.  David keeps looking at how small the new one is and can’t believe it can be as good as the old one.  I say it’s better.  More functions, fewer buttons to mess with.  It recognizes settings and things like macro and landscape and faces and smiles, has ISO functionality, and oh, it just pleases me.  No more lens cap because it has one built in.  The LCD screen is 3 inches instead of 2.  Its smaller size means it’s even easier to carry along.  I am so very pleased!!

David is going to see if he can fix the old camera, just because he might be able to.

May 28 – I painted the porch of the Art Chalet a few days ago but hadn’t come out with the camera due to the death of the Cybershot.  I have concrete stepping stones that will lead up to the porch, so the painted ones will be a continuation.  David likes it.  I still want to add some trompe l’oiel touches, like shading the stones and adding grass to the green but even this is nice and pleases me when I go out to the Art Chalet.  I also finally started my garden here, and have planted two climbing roses that will eventually wind up the poles of the porch.  There are also some dahlias and peonies here.  Slow start, but at least I have made one.  Eventually I’d like to have a cool fence and plants all crowded in around the path.  I’m working on perennials because I want it to be a continuing thing.

May 27 – Dory in the sun.  I am campaigning for a new camera but being told no at this time.

May 26 – a tragedy at my house.  My Sony Cybershot, my go-to camera (even though I want to learn the DSLR better) has died.  It fell from a 4 foot counter and no longer recognizes the memory card.  I am bereft.  Far from this being an opportunity to work with the DSLR, I find this to be a great annoyance.  The DSLR, while a lovely piece of technology, requires three lens to do what the Cybershot could do.  This photo of a strange green bee (fly?  it was collecting pollen so I call it bee) was taken with the macro lens on the DSLR.

May 25 – Big fat bumblebee on my marigolds.  I make a point of planting marigolds every year because they are special to David because his mom planted them when she was alive.  He named our boat Marigold in honor of that memory.

May 24 – Both cats enjoy playing with the kitty track ball.  Dory, though, prefers the upper track while Hobie likes the lower.  Both will sit and bat the ball around the track for quite some time.  It’s one of the best cat toy investments we’ve made.

May 23 – I bought a bubble wand as I like bubbles.  It was a lovely day so I thought to myself, self, I should blow bubbles.  I had no idea Sadie was a Bubbleslayer!  She chased after every bubble she could see, leaping into the air to kill them and biting them when she could.  This required photographic evidence which was actually hard to get due to the need to blow the bubbles, the get the camera up.  At first I thought this photo was out of focus until I looked closer and see everything but her fast moving head is in focus – she just moves so fast in pursuit of bubbles that she is out of focus.  I want to try again when David is home to see if I can get more pictures of her, but I doubt I’ll get one as graphic as this.

May 22 – We have a lot of dandelions this year going to seed.  Normally we try to mow them down but the push mower is out of commission and I’m not able to start the pull-behind mower.  So I just admire them in the sunlight and take pictures.