April 1 – The driving days are lots of gogogo it seems.  The dogs make us stop to walk them, though, so they’re good for us.  The delivery days, though, are more relaxed.  This evening we spent at a lovely rest area just north of San Diego (Aliso Creek, I believe it was called).  I saw a new bird (Western Kingbird) and got to be in ocean air.  The dogs had a nice long romp.   On the downside was David flopping down in grass that was really freshly mown foxtail grass.  His knit shirt was covered in them.  Worse, the dogs walked through it and Phoebe came out with her coat just full of these nasty stickers.  I took her outside the truck and began pulling them out and ended up giving her her long-overdue haircut.  It was the only way to be sure I had all the stickers out.   Sadie’s coat didn’t pick up any stickers, which was a relief.  Her coat is denser and coarser and that seemed to make a difference.