April 15 – On the way home yesterday David and I were discussing Hobie and how unhappy he is at being left alone.  We had put out some feelers about finding him a new home to no avail – he has some special needs with daily meds (which he is happy to consume) and space requirements since he has grown up in the country and expects a certain amount of outdoor time.  Winter makes him crazy.  Well, David suggested we get Hobie a friend, and not being one to miss out on an opportunity like that, I hurried to the shelter.  Dory came home with me.

She’s a tiny cat at just 7 lbs.  The vet told me she is full grown, so I get to have my tiny cat at last.  When I opened the cat carrier she was in, the dogs both rushed up to see what I had and Dory stepped out most calmly and rubbed her full body up against both heads.  The dogs looked rather confused.  When Hobie expressed his discontent at this INTRUDER quite vocally, she turned her back as if to say “whatever, I know you’ll love me.”  And she moved right in.   I am completely smitten.