May 28 – I painted the porch of the Art Chalet a few days ago but hadn’t come out with the camera due to the death of the Cybershot.  I have concrete stepping stones that will lead up to the porch, so the painted ones will be a continuation.  David likes it.  I still want to add some trompe l’oiel touches, like shading the stones and adding grass to the green but even this is nice and pleases me when I go out to the Art Chalet.  I also finally started my garden here, and have planted two climbing roses that will eventually wind up the poles of the porch.  There are also some dahlias and peonies here.  Slow start, but at least I have made one.  Eventually I’d like to have a cool fence and plants all crowded in around the path.  I’m working on perennials because I want it to be a continuing thing.