May 29 – Meet the new Cybershot,  so not like the old!  The old one, model DSCH-2  purchased December 2006, was 6.1 megapixels with a 12x optical zoom.  The new one, model DSCH-55B purchased this day, is 14 megapixels with a 10x optical zoom.  David keeps looking at how small the new one is and can’t believe it can be as good as the old one.  I say it’s better.  More functions, fewer buttons to mess with.  It recognizes settings and things like macro and landscape and faces and smiles, has ISO functionality, and oh, it just pleases me.  No more lens cap because it has one built in.  The LCD screen is 3 inches instead of 2.  Its smaller size means it’s even easier to carry along.  I am so very pleased!!

David is going to see if he can fix the old camera, just because he might be able to.