May 31 – Couldn’t decide which picture to use since we had some good times.  This is Dory sleeping.  David took this picture.

Hobie in the barn.  We were out playing fetch with the dogs in the late evening last night.  Dory also plays fetch (though she can’t bring the ball back, she likes chasing it and the dogs).

Today we went to Olga Lake to kayak.  On the way, a doe jumped across the road and at the side of the road was her newborn fawn!  I walked over carefully to take its picture.  It hunkered down in the grass.

It was so new it could barely stand.  I kept an ear out for mom in case she didn’t like me getting close.

Then we got out on the water.  At first we didn’t see the loons but after awhile we heard them.  We paddled over their way and soon enough they were swimming near us.  What delights me so much about the loons is that they do come so close on their own and they are calm about it.  They just watch us as we watch them.  After a bit they went to where we figure their nest is and so we left them alone.