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So back in January we decided I would join David in the truck and learn to drive and we would be a team and earn lots of money.  This trip out we started talking about it and we realize there’s more to life than just money and so once we get home I will be staying there to care for our home and pets (none of whom are really keen on the current state of affairs).

Shortly after we made the plans,  David was put on electronic logs, meaning a computer keeps his time.  Because of this there is literally no time to train me to drive.   The computer is hooked to the truck so as soon as it starts moving, the computer is tracking his hours.  That was the first big monkey wrench.

We get along great in small places, so that was never a problem, but all the dog fur sorta sucks.   We also don’t like leaving the cats alone (though it is better with two).  Nor do we like leaving the house alone so long.  Also, it’s hard to get good sleep when the truck is moving and me, I need my sleep and some quiet.  Quiet is also hard to come by out here.  I’m not quite suited to this.  I could do it if I had to, but overall I’ll be much happier to get home and stay there!

So, when we get home, I get chickens again (so expect lots of chick pics!) and we’re just going to be a little more strict about our budget so we can continue towards our bigger plans (David driving his own truck and us sailing).

I’m so looking forward to being home!


June 10 – I know this plant as sweet broom.  I will have to look it up when I get home and see if it could live in Michigan.  I saw it all over California, including up in the mountains, so I have some hope that if I can figure out what it is I may find some by mail.

It smells sweet and it is such a cheerful yellow.   Hopefully if I do get some the deer won’t eat it!!!

June 9 – On the way to Thousand Oaks, CA and we saw this on the hillside.  The smiley parts were green compared to the usual gold of the hills.  It’s a very big smiley!  I think if I owned a hill overlooking the freeway, I would make smileys for people, too.

June 8 – The jacaranda is blooming in Southern California.  I hadn’t seen them in many, many years so this pleased me.

June 8 – I’m participating in an altered book group which is mostly in Hawaii.  Those of us on the mainland won’t actually get books but will do tip-in pages.  This is my book – turtle is made from a felted sweater and quilted and sewn to the cover, which was glued to the book.  I liked the dimensions of the book a lot.  It’s long and narrow.  My theme is turtles, which have been popping up a lot in my personal mythology of late.  I figured I would like to have more turtle art as a result.

June 6 – Heading towards a big storm in Arizona.

June 5 – Heading west.  Lots of flat land, big skies.

June 5 – Waxahatchee, Texas (may have spelled that wrong, but that’s how it sounds).  Had to park on the entrance ramp to let hours catch up with us.  I saw pretty wildflowers and scissor-tailed flycatchers so I didn’t mind.   It is hot, though.  hothothot

June 3 – This sign was on a gate we had to wait at.  The little guy getting bonked made me laugh and get out the camera.  Turned out to be the only picture today for some reason (probably the heat and humidity).

June 2 – We crossed over the Mississippi River two or three times today.  This is one of the bridges in Memphis.  I love taking pictures up into the workings of bridges.  I have some of the Golden Gate like this as well.