July 20 – took the chicks out for some sunshine and grass.  The original chick pen is outside and works so well for this.  Sadie is happy to have her job of watching over chickens back.  When they first arrived she was incredibly curious so I held a chick cupped in my hand for her to sniff.  She gave it a very thorough going over and then decided they were hers to watch.  Hobie gets chased off most vigorously if he should happen to hang out too close to them.

Meat chicks act a bit differently from layers or dual-purpose breeds.  They lie down a lot more than the others ever did (though chicks as a rule do sleep a lot).   They also grow ever so much faster.  After the initial confusion of being outside, they settled into it and seemed to enjoy the grass and the bugs they found.  I look forward to being able to let them out to forage.  They eat a lot!