July 26 – one of the Rangers next to the little blue Orpington.  I know that in 10 days the Orpington will be considerably larger and will look like a mini chicken instead of fluffy chick (because I have pictures from my first batch of chicks that show me this is true) but I don’t think he’ll be quite this large yet.

My three Orpingtons.  Essentially, they cost me $12 each.  I paid $36 (including the shipping, which was $12) for 14 eggs.  I got three chicks.  Evidently, this is a good return for eggs that ended up in the mail.  25-50% is considered a good hatch.  I’m just inordinately pleased that I got a blue, a black and a splash out of the deal  as those are the ones I *really* wanted.  I can pick up a couple Buffs at a chicken show in September (and maybe some others…when I told David I had three chicks, he asked me when that livestock show was – so he knows!).    Now I hope I have a rooster and two hens.  That would be the most ideal outcome.  As long as I have ONE hen, it’ll be good because I can hatch some more blues from any of these.  I am in love with the Blue Orpingtons.  I also love the chocolate ones, but those evidently aren’t available in the US, so I’ll just go with Blue.