July 27 – my toad returned for its yearly photo shoot.  I hadn’t seen it until now.  It is very patient with me taking its picture.

I also got the Ranger chicks moved into the barn.  I built a fence to fence off 1/3 of the space (so we don’t have to remove everything that is currently being stored out there – when the chickens left the barn became storage!) and released them into their new 8ft x 4 ft space.  By the time they are growing out of *that*, they will be free ranging and only using the space for sleep so essentially won’t outgrow it.  They are much happier with all the room to chase each other about.  The young cockerels are already sparring and bumping chests.  They are only 2 weeks old!

And now I shall be working to get back into my photo habit and my updating habits.  I enjoy this a little too much to let it go…