On July 2nd, I put 14 eggs in my homemade incubator.  They were  a mix of colors of Orpingtons.  Blue, Black, Buff and Splash.  I am eagerly awaiting the results!

We had fireworks a couple days early as David had to leave.  He ended up not leaving because he wasn’t feeling well the next day, so it was just as well we did it early.  The new camera has a fireworks setting that captures things pretty well, if a little slow.  I was getting the hang of the timing towards the end.  We had a couple hundred dollars worth of fireworks between us and the neighbors.  The boys had a lot of fun shooting bottle rockets at each other.  I just enjoy setting them off.

On July 6th I got my first new chickens.  Friend of a friend had a number of young pullets she wanted to rehome.  I have a Silver-laced Wyandotte, a Gold-laced Wyandotte, an Australorp, an Ameraucana, a Welsummer and two Dutch bantams (the wee ladies there).  The chicken yard was completely enveloped in green growth (the previous chickens had done a fine job of fertilizing!) and they couldn’t do much more than hang out by the coop.  After David weed-whacked with his powerful brush-cutting whacker, they now have the whole of the chicken yard to explore.  They’re a little too pampered sometimes – they came from another chicken-lover who lives in the city and thus had them confined to a smaller area and spent lots of time with them.  So now I know that for me lots of handling of chicks isn’t the best thing.  I want them to be farm chickens, not pets.  Pet chickens are wonderful in the right setting, but my home isn’t it.  I like friendly chickens who can handle themselves in the open.  Not sure if these guys are going to be able to free range or not.

Dory was very interested in the chickens but I didn’t let her in the pen.