July 29 – Today I arranged things so the Ranger chicks could get outside and get some good sunshine.  When we originally built the barn, we put a chicken door in the side next to the chicken yard with the eventual plan of having the two meet.  Currently the wee side yard is now just for chicks, though they can visit the ladies through the fence.

Hello nice ladies.  We get a lot of use from recycled pallets with chickens.  They also comprise our compost bin walls, which in turn end up being chicken roosts.  In front there is the Welsummer hen, Charlotte.  The only other lady with a name so far is the Australorp, whose name is Mathilda (as she is Australian…that’s her in back, the black one)  Still working on the rest.

Also today I found this blooming out by the Art Chalet!

The first of my fancy dahlias.  I am so very pleased.  I have 4 other plants, I believe.  I don’t even remember what colors I’m supposed to have, but I think they all go together.  I’m just glad I finally got dahlias in the ground and I don’t even mind that I’ll have to dig them up to get them through the winter.  I think this means they won’t grow into as large of a bush as they do in say, Washington, where there was a berry farm that had at least an acre of dahlias that grew on very tall – 4-5 foot tall – bushes covered in blooms.  For a few bucks they’d give me a pair of scissors and a very long (10 inches?) twisty tie.  As many flowers as I could wrap that twisty around I could take home.  I loved that place.