Aug 7 – We went stove shopping (insert very loud squeeeeee here).  We were looking and making decisions about features when David opened this one and I knew it had to be mine.  Look at that cheerful blue greeting me each time I open it!  Plus five burners.  A 17,000 btu super burner!  Big cast iron grates.  Just so much goodness.  So we ordered it in white, as white is cheaper.  I figured that was okay, too, because the blue would contrast nicely.

Since I’m writing this after the fact, I can tell you how I got a call that Monday confirming my delivery on the 12th.  Later Monday I got another call telling me, oops, sorry, out of stock til the 26th (today!)  I fussed and fumed a bit.  Called around and found someone in town who had it in stock and would match the sale price Home Depot had.  Tuesday I went in to Home Depot prepared to tell them this, prepared to one way or another have my stove by the 12th, as promised.  At the customer service desk I told them the details and said I found it unacceptable.  They said they understood and they called a manager as they were unable to process a return without one.  Manager came up and rather than process a return began talking to me and trying to find a solution.  Walked me back to the appliance section.  She looked in the computer and was looking to upgrade me to the next model (something like a $500 difference!) but it turned out that ALL LG stoves were out of stock until the 26th.  Evidently the person who sold us the stove was new and had read things incorrectly.  Would I be interested in the floor model (the very one pictured above)?   Would I?  It was the one I fell in love with.  So, they delivered it on the 12th, as promised, and I was very happy with Home Depot.   (stainless costs $200 more than white, fyi)

Soon I will be able to retire my single burner and toaster oven and I cannot tell you how happy I am about THAT!