Aug 22 – Still need the flooring (will match the existing wood) and we ran out of panelling (so much quicker and easier than drywall and plaster and paint) but the kitchen is usable and my stove is connected!  I cooked dinner on it!  WHEEEE!  Also, we plan to paint the wood the buttery yellow I’ve wanted my kitchen to be, as well as the remaining walls.   David made the backsplash in aluminum flashing – it matches the stove and the backsplash in the dining room behind the woodstove.  Between the fridge and stove is a space about 4 1/2 feet long.  It will be a workspace counter with shelves mounted above.  David was talking cupboards but I told him I would prefer open shelves to keep ingredients on – easier to work with than digging through a cupboard.  I am very excited to have actual input into what I want in my kitchen.  Never had that before.   Looking at the picture I see that a cupboard over the fridge wouldn’t be a bad idea.  That’s a lot of space.  The small room in back is the laundry room and was our closet as well but will now be pantry.  Eventually we will move our small freezer into the pantry.