Aug 27 – Morning in the chicken yard.   The ladies all sleep in the wee coop just now.  The Rangers, Orpington chicks and Oliver are in the barn.  Oliver’s original home has a perch about 4 feet above the ground that he flew up to.  Last night when I went to make sure everyone was safely tucked away, he was perching on the fence inside the barn, which is 4 feet tall.  He looked very content and he let me pet him.

Overnight temps dropping to 40ish right  now.  Hoping that doesn’t mean an early frost (though if I remember correctly our first frost last year was August 31, so not unprecedented…).  I want my cherry tomatoes!  Once it starts getting colder, I’m going to have to convince everyone to sleep in the barn, which means I need to get in there and build some nest boxes and roosts.  Then hens like being in the barn but they like to roost at night.  The Rangers just lie on the ground so they don’t care.  I believe if there were roosts, they would like it, so I will either have to make a lot of roosting space or segregate the chickens.  We aren’t sure how we plan to handle this yet.