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Sept 22 – One of the Ranger “chicks” destined for the freezer.   They are getting quite large.  This morning there was great consternation at the feeder.  The biggest Rangers slug it out to get a place at the feeder and there is much shoving going on.  Well, today they shoved Charlotte, head hen, out of the way and oh, she was not having ANY of that, thank you.  She started chasing Ranger chicks away from the feeder and one particularly large rooster she grabbed by the top of his head and pulled out a couple feathers.  After that, “her” side of the feeder was bare and the shoving and jostling went on on the other side.  I think  I need another feeder, but for now I just make a couple piles on the floor to either side to make sure others get to eat as well.  I also discovered that putting small piles around the chicken yard makes the smaller chickens happy, as they don’t go into the barn to eat.


Sept 21 – I will have to add the picture.  Somehow I have the chicken roost picture listed as the Hobie picture.

I have made cat beds.  I have purchased cat beds.  But no bed has been as popular as this pop-up basket (from the dollar store, and in somewhat questionable shape) filled with old sweaters that were going to be dismantled.  The basket got moved around in the new bedroom confusion and is now in the living room.  Hobie discovered it and loves loves loves it – he spends his time equally here and in our bed.   I have even found Phoebe curled into a tight ball lying on this bed.  Somehow this is the perfect pet rest area.

Sept 20 – I built roosts inside the barn.  The Rangers were showing a desire to roost (many meat breeds can’t roost as they are too big).  Not all of them do – some like being in a warm chicken cuddle (as seen at the left of the picture).  Others like snuggling up on a roost.  The laying hens will be moving into the barn in the winter, and they definitely prefer a roost.  I am prepared!

Sept 19 – the sight that greets me in the evenings when I go out to do chicken chores.  This makes me heart sing.

(One day I’ll get the interior of the chicken room painted!)

Sept 18 – Chicken swap/show/sale in Montrose, MI.  I went with a couple friends, which made it all the more fun.  I came home with five new chickens.  These lovely feathers belong to the two bantam Cochin girls I got.  One is blue and the other a splash.  Since I couldn’t find Blue Orpingtons there (barely found any Buffs!) I got these little ladies instead.  Pictures of all the newcomers are on the chicken page of the blog.  There’s a link at the top of the page.

We left early, at 5:00 am, for the two-hour drive.  There were lots of roosters there (it’s a good place to find new homes for them, although quite a few were being purchased as food) but lots of other critters, too.  Rabbits were in profusion (Red Satins were my favorites…but rabbits kick my allergies up worse than any other creature, so I can’t treat them as I’d like – beloved house pets.  In a hutch outside is okay for my allergies, but not my sensibilities…) as well as some ducks, turkeys, peafowl, pheasants, goats.   Lots of chickens.   It was very fun and quite informative.  I like getting to see lots of different types of chickens.

Sept 17 – The chickweed is growing like crazy this year.  There was less of some plants, more of others.  We think having the chickens has changed our soil somewhat.  We noticed a lot of new clover this year, which is welcome.

Sept 16 – Autumn is beginning to show.  A couple nights of mid-30 temperatures will do that.  However, there is some great new looking growth out there, too.  I like the mix of brown ferns and bright green leaves.  I have so much beauty surrounding me here.

Sept 15 – Two of the three green leopard frogs living in my wee pond out back.  I am so smitten with this picture.  My question to figure out now is when can I drain the pond for the winter without adversely affecting the frogs?  I like having them in there and would really like for them to return in the spring.

Sept 14 – My new Dutch Oven (5 qt enameled cast iron – a formidable tool and very heavy) in my lovely blue-interiored oven.  I used a flash because the blue wasn’t popping in the non-flash version of the picture.  I love colorful tools.

Sept 13 – Fajitas for dinner!  More wonderful peppers from the Farm Market.  I love those things.  I’d class them as my second favorite veggie, after carrots.  I have a life-long love of carrots…which I’ve also been getting at the Farm Market – freshly picked carrots are most amazing.