Sept 8 – I’m participating in a two year long altered book round robin (linky goes to the blog of the group).  Most of the participants are in Hawaii and swap the books at monthly meetings.  There is a small group of us on the mainland and we do tip-in pages that get added at those meetings.  This was my lay out for a theme of phobias.  Poison snakes are pretty much the only thing I’m truly fearful of.  Thankfully, there is only one small rattlesnake in Michigan and it doesn’t live around me.  I still get a good fear jolt when I see a snake, but then I laugh at myself and generally go get my camera.

I remember being very grateful to learn this saying when I was 38 or so – one less thing to worry about.  Oh, and I knit the little snakes to hang off the book.  Originally the page was going to feature them but I felt they were too thick.  So I went with digital and snakes to hang out.