Sept 22 – One of the Ranger “chicks” destined for the freezer.   They are getting quite large.  This morning there was great consternation at the feeder.  The biggest Rangers slug it out to get a place at the feeder and there is much shoving going on.  Well, today they shoved Charlotte, head hen, out of the way and oh, she was not having ANY of that, thank you.  She started chasing Ranger chicks away from the feeder and one particularly large rooster she grabbed by the top of his head and pulled out a couple feathers.  After that, “her” side of the feeder was bare and the shoving and jostling went on on the other side.  I think  I need another feeder, but for now I just make a couple piles on the floor to either side to make sure others get to eat as well.  I also discovered that putting small piles around the chicken yard makes the smaller chickens happy, as they don’t go into the barn to eat.