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Oct 14 – Frosty this morning.  By the time I got my camera, I couldn’t find any colored leaves with frost on them as the sun came up warm.  Felt good to stand in the sun.

Also, below is the tree that just days ago was vibrantly red.  I guess I caught it at peak color…

Amazing how fleeting autumn can be.  Sometimes I wish the snow was like the leaves…


Oct 13 – I’m having some fun.  I keep my acrylic paints in this old train case.  Makes toting them around easier.  Soon I’ll have to bring my paints and such in from the Art Chalet so they won’t freeze.  I don’t keep a heater on out there anymore as it runs the bill up too high.  Wearing a sweater and turning the heat on while I’m out there is sufficient.

Oct 12 – The wood stacking has begun, but there’s still a lot to do…I used the blue bucket in the middle as the marker for where the wood guy was to drop the wood, as he could only come when I was at the dentist.  It worked well.

Oct 11 – A couple of the Ranger roosters.  The one on the right is “Puppy”, so named because he follows me around like one.  He is the rooster currently wearing a pink leg-band, indicating he is not to be eaten.   Any time I go into the chicken yard, Puppy comes running up and is right under foot.  He’s a funny chicken.  He also will peck at my feet.  Best of all, he will tolerate being picked up, though as he grows bigger and bigger that is getting harder to do.

Oct 10 – Evidently some small creature has moved into the not-yet-stacked woodpile.  Each time the dogs are out, they run over and start searching it.  I was meaning to catch a picture and had my camera out when Phoebe decided to climb the pile, making for a much better picture.

Oct 9 – and this, my showiest color photo of the season.  I was out with my camera just walking about and the morning light was making the trees glow from within.  This maple is the prettiest on our property and I spent a good deal of time admiring it this morning.

Oct 8 – This little oak tree is in back of our house.  It stands maybe 5 foot tall.  It makes up for being short with being splashy in the fall.

Oct 7 – Headed up to Traverse City for a meeting of my Art Girlz.  This is Lake Mitchell in Cadillac, along the way.   It was a very lovely day for a drive.

Oct 6 – I like how this red branch framed the yellows.  Even better?  This is in my yard.  🙂

Oct 5 – Autumn is beginning to happen in big ways.  Expect a few pictures!