Sept 25 – Phoebe with (some of) her toys.  I did not pose her like this – I was fortunate enough to catch her like this before she moved when I turned the camera on.

When we got Phoebe (5 years ago!!) she didn’t know how to play.  We stopped at the thrift store and got her a couple stuffed animals, as most dogs in my experience like them.   She learned pretty quickly and now she plays with her toys by herself.  It’s fun to watch her pick up that big teddy bear and give it a good shake, growling at it for good measure.   The raccoon puppet she has her paw on was one of her original toys.  She likes it when David puts it on his hand and attacks her with it.   I am told she has too many toys and there is a moratorium on further purchases.  Phoebe has a collection, too.  I like buying her stuffed sheep, as she is a sheep dog.

Sadie doesn’t play with toys a lot.  She’ll fetch once in awhile, and she prefers toys that squeak.  Phoebe likes stuffies and balls.  Sadie likes anything that squeaks and sticks.