Sept 26 – I was standing at the stove cooking when a mouse appeared at my feet from under the counter next to the stove.  I took a quick step back and said “eek!”   Literally.  I did not realize that “eek” was something people actually said until I uttered it.  Then I had a very good laugh at my silly self.  I’m not afraid of mice, but it surprised me.  Sadie came running to the rescue and cornered the mouse in the laundry room, behind the defunct dryer.  She sat like this for a good long time, with her nose in that corner.  We told her it didn’t work that way and there was no way that mouse would come out while she was sitting there.  Imagine our surprise when she came out a bit later carrying that mouse.  She dropped it to show us and I looked.  That’s when the mouse got over its own shock at being thus captured and started running around the living room.  Chaos ensued as David and I tried to catch it.  We finally did and I tossed it out of the house and into the field where Hobie could have at it.  Sadie was rewarded with a liver treat.