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Nov 8 – feeling poorly again.  Overdid it Saturday, of course.  This is one of the pulls on our ceiling fan.  I found them on clearance at Home Depot and had to have them.  The other is an anchor, so they suit us rather well.


Nov 7 – Big ol’ pretty sky.  I was glad I had my camera at hand.

Nov 6 – I felt considerably better this morning and HAD to go to Traverse City to return library books that were due Thursday.  I stopped by Barnes and Noble and found *this*.  I know one little pink-loving girl who would probably love it, but me, not so much.  Across the way from the pink was a shiny purple tree.  Either can be yours for just $119!

I’m excited because this year, for the first time since moving to Michigan, I will be able to have a Christmas tree.  Our recent remodeling and revamping has opened up a nice space in the living room, far away from the wood stove.  I have been searching in our woods (part of the property used to be a tree farm, after all) and have found a nice little spruce who will do quite nicely.

Nov 5 – And so it begins.  Though not really.  It snowed literally all day, but this is all that we got.  It’s just too warm yet to stick.  The next few days were projected to be warm (and are) and so the snow is quite ephemeral this time around.

Nov 4 – Fortunately, I have things to photograph in my house.  I bought this basil (yes, it’s basil!) plant at the Farmer’s Market awhile back (it’s now over with for the year – ours is a very seasonal market).  The lady I bought it from called it Mignette.  It flowered awhile back and I let it – it had little white blossoms all over it.  I have it on a shelf next to my rosemary, which is doing quite well.  Mignette’s leaves are quite tiny – more like thyme leaves than basil.  But she smells of basil and tastes quite nice.  The plant is trimmed into a little poodle puff bush.  I’m going to let it grow and see what it does.

Nov 3 – I woke up feeling sick and realized I would need supplies, so I headed into town early.  I was blessed with this amazing sunrise.  I got to Lake Cadillac just as the colors peaked and found a place right at the water to park.  Then I went about my day, got my supplies laid in, some wood chopped and settled in to be comfy in my illness…

Nov 2 – A very frosty morning.  I had to go back in for my camera because everything was calling to me.  This photo turned out to be my favorite due to all the lines in it.  The pod in the middle is Milkweed.

Nov 1 – I needed a way to present the art quilt to my mom and pondered it for awhile.  Finally, I made this quilted cover.  The quilt attaches on the inside with a couple velvet cord loops that hook around a key I sewed on the edge.  My mom tells me I make very nice French knots.

Oct 31 – My new dryer is installed and working.  This is what it looks like when the power is turned on.  It also plays a happy little tune as if to say “hello!  Let’s do some laundry!”  When it finishes a load, rather than blat at me with some annoying buzz, it plays a different happy tune.  It makes me so happy.  Of course, I am even more pleased by not having to use a laundromat ever again!  After hanging my laundry all spring and summer, my first couple visits to the laundromat to dry clothes made me quite ill.  I wasn’t used to the chemicals any more!  Now, though, I have this lovely machine to help me.  It’s LG, as is my stove and fridge.  We got some awesome deals and are very pleased with our purchases.

Oct 30 – The bird and squirrel feeder at a friend’s house.  I am going to build a similar feeder for my birds.