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Dec 4 – My new sock monkey hat, made by me.  I was originally trying for a smaller size as a gift hat, but my math was off on the yarn and it came out Laurie-sized.  I get a lot of compliments on this hat.  One lady in Traverse the other evening told me I had made her day with that hat.  That’s the kind of thing a knitter likes to hear.   Fortunately, while in Traverse I was able to acquire more of the same yarn, so the smaller hat is a go.


Dec 3 – I had never seen Phoebe curl up and tuck her nose under her paws.  Hobie does it all the time, but not the dogs.  So, of course, I had to take a picture.  She’s lying on the “cat bed” which is a small pop-up basket filled with sweater scraps.  Hobie confiscated it one day and it’s been the “cat bed” ever since.  Now, though, Phoebe will curl up on it given a chance.  Hobie doesn’t much care for that!

Dec 2 – Missed some days due to David being home, still feeling a tad under the weather and being sad about chickens.  Just didn’t get my camera out.  Thanksgiving was lovely, with a locally-grown turkey breast that convinced me next year I will be raising my own turkeys for the holidays.  It tasted that good.  No broth injected into it, meat that had moved…it makes a big difference.  So along about May I will be purchasing two turkey poults.  🙂

On this day, I drove up to Traverse City to meet with the Art Girlz.  Marcy had made this necklace and we have all be talking about making one.  I have an old black velvet dress I will use as the base of it.  The flowers are made from recycled sweaters and suit linings.  Pam had the idea to mount each flower on a snap so they could be moved around and other seasonal flowers could be added.  I plan to use that idea.

Nov 25 – The last of my baby Orpingtons.  I call her Baby.  She is coping without the boy.  I thought she’d be left out of the flock, as the two of them remained apart but together.  With him gone, she is integrating more, which is good.  Had she been the hawk victim, it wouldn’t have been so easy for the boy.  She is a very sweet chicken.

Nov 24 – I took this picture in the morning.  My lovely Splash Orpington boy, coming into his own.  He would fly up to sit on my shoulders some mornings, if I was slow handing out the scratch.  Sadly, later this very afternoon, hours after this picture, I came out to find a hawk in the yard and my boy was his victim.  I had thought him safe from the hawks due to his size, but that turned out not to be the case.  Just the day before I had been discussing with a friend how the hawks go after the light-colored chickens and was proven correct.  I hadn’t cried about a chicken since I had to give Avery away, but I cried for this one.  This one had a spot in my heart – probably due to being hatched by me.  He was my baby


Nov 23 – another sunrise down my driveway.  I enjoy watching it, even on the cold days.

Nov 21 – a closer view of my chosen rooster.  And I must say that I am getting quite tired of these big ol’ roosters hanging around.  However, David is not around to take care of the “processing” and it’s deer season right now so the person I could take them to is up to his neck in processing deer and can’t do the chickens until the second week or so of December.  I will be so glad to take the extra roosters in!  They are the size of supermarket turkeys right now…

Big ol spotty roo doesn’t really have a name yet.  I will have to figure out something.

Nov 20 – It’s definitely fire season.  The wood is all stacked and covered and a daily fire is a must.  I have gotten rather proficient at the fire building – only took 6 winters!  I also have a new skill that works quite well with this batch of wood – I can bank a fire and keep it overnight so in the morning, I just open up the stove, poke it a bit and have a fire going very quickly.  It requires having a fire established at bedtime, something I don’t always have.  But when I do, I now bank it and love the trouble-free mornings.

Nov 19 – Lil’ Red, the silkie, has shown himself to be male.  Most obviously by the big gnarly comb on his face.  Secondly by his chasing down of Oliver in a most unfriendly manner.  He’s a funny little chicken.  Once I realized he was a roo, I picked him up and could see just how drastically different he looked from sweet Avery.  His face is very roosterish and fierce.

Nov 18 – What I call an “air snow” day.  Snowed a lot, but it just is in the air.  The ground was still a bit too warm to collect it.  I was pleased that my camera was able to capture some of the look.