Nov 16 – Poor Oliver is not sleeping in the barn since we put in the barn door.  He used to sleep perched on the fence that kept the chickens in, but without it there, he has no place to sleep.  He doesn’t appear to be welcome there.  The big roosters and the silkie rooster keep chasing him down as though to put a serious hurt on him.  So, I find him in the dog pen in the mornings, as he has been perching on the fence surrounding it.  Now that the weather has switched over to nastiness, I have to go collect him every evening and pop him in the little coop with the various ladies sleeping there.  I hope he eventually gets the idea, as the baby Orpingtons did, and starts going in there on his own.  Of course, he might like being tucked in.  Fortunately, he is very tame and lets me pick him up without a fuss.