Dec 2 – Missed some days due to David being home, still feeling a tad under the weather and being sad about chickens.  Just didn’t get my camera out.  Thanksgiving was lovely, with a locally-grown turkey breast that convinced me next year I will be raising my own turkeys for the holidays.  It tasted that good.  No broth injected into it, meat that had moved…it makes a big difference.  So along about May I will be purchasing two turkey poults.  🙂

On this day, I drove up to Traverse City to meet with the Art Girlz.  Marcy had made this necklace and we have all be talking about making one.  I have an old black velvet dress I will use as the base of it.  The flowers are made from recycled sweaters and suit linings.  Pam had the idea to mount each flower on a snap so they could be moved around and other seasonal flowers could be added.  I plan to use that idea.