Jan 11 – After an unfortunate incident wherein Phoebe locked herself in the bedroom while I was gone and spent a good deal of her time trying to escape and thereby scratching up our bedroom door, I put ropes on the doorknobs.  The bedroom door doesn’t have a doorknob, so she can open that door when it’s closed.  This one doesn’t always catch, so she can use this rope sometimes.  She knows how to do it – it only took two example pulls for her to catch on – but she won’t do it on command yet.  That’s the next thing in line because Hobie will come in the bedroom while I’m trying to sleep and can’t let himself out.  If I could get Phoebe to do it, life would be better.

You can see the scratches on this door from when I was working at Ferris and left Phoebe alone.  She went nutso.  There are toothmarks on the doorknob (she knows what they’re for, she just doesn’t have thumbs.  If Phoebe had thumbs, she would be formidable indeed!).  Once we got Sadie, her extreme separation anxiety was relieved.  She still gets over-excited when we get home, but she no longer tears things up trying to escape to be with us.