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Feb 9 – I have this bar of solid shampoo/soap.  Lime patchouli is the flavor, and it’s naturally- and locally-made.  Evidently they use good ingredients because the mice are eating it!!  I grabbed it and ran it over my head only to find it catching on my hair.  When I looked closely, I could see all the gnawing the mice have been doing.  This would explain why Hobie has been spending a lot of time in the shower lately.


Feb 8 – I was in town and while waiting at the light at Boon and Mitchell, the snow started getting blown around.  With my polarized sunglasses, it looked quite dramatic.  I’m glad the camera caught it as well.

Feb 7 – my dogs love the snow.  They love to roll in it, eat it, play in it.  They truly miss it when it is gone.

Feb 6 – This is what the chicken yard looks like with all the snow we have.  The little coop is all but buried.  Sometimes there will be a path out to it – the dogs make one to check on any tiny creatures that might be around – but not right now.  The snow is over dog heads.

Feb 5 – These pictures PROVE that I have more self-control than David.  That big ol’ snowbank has been out there for a few days now and I had resisted the urge to throw Hobie in it all this time.  Even though his cabin fever nastiness has reached a peak.  Yesterday he demanded to go outside, standing at the door and meowing in a most obnoxious way.  When I opened the door he looked out at all that snow and turned to me and meowed in such a way that I knew he was blaming ME for the snow.  Those of you with cats know what I mean.  So, I resisted.  It was hard, but I did.  David was home not an hour before he tells me to get my camera.  I did because while I may have more self-control, I’m not above a photo opp.

Hobie did not want.

It did quell some of the cabin fever for awhile.  🙂  And Phoebe got a laugh out of it.

Feb 4 – Some color other than grey or white.  I smiled a lot while taking pictures of this sunset.

Feb 3 – Mother Nature adds insult to injury.  I want to leave the house but there is a foot and a half of snow in my driveway.  This means I need to run the snowblower but do you really think I’m going out there when it’s ZERO degrees?  That would be a no.  I finally did, but had to miss meeting up with my art girls as I didn’t get out there til 2 or 3 (and they met an hour away at noon).  Then I had to so that David could come home and not have to park on the street and run the snowblower himself.  I did it because I love him.

Feb 2 – In which we have a blizzard.  Woke up to find 14 inches of snow had fallen overnight.  With the wind blowing it around, we have some 4 foot drifts.  Like this one at the back of the house:

Sadie says “what the deuce?”

Getting out to the barn was quite the chore.  The dogs seemed to enjoy it all for the most part.  Yesterday, in the calm before the storm, I mucked out the barn and laid all the old shavings and straw over the snow in the side yard of the barn.  The chickens came out and got some much needed sunshine.  Today not so much.  The snow is over the chickens’ heads!

Feb 1 – Cabin Fever Cat playing with the laserrrrr.  David wanted to know how I got this picture, as he found it quite fascinating.  Mostly, I just know my camera and my cat.  Pointed the laser and waited, knowing that when he jumped the lack of flash would capture movement.   When it’s smaller on the camera screen, the red laser dot shows up brighter.

Jan 31 – I have been trying to get this picture for months and finally Cardinal Biggles* has consented.  Mostly it’s because I was already outside with my camera when he went after his reflection again.   He is constantly checking himself out in all the mirrors.  The downside to this is the bird poo on the sides of our cars.  I have also seen him after himself in the mirrors of the big truck, which show him all of himself at once.  Obviously he has no sense of self-awareness (as dolphins and elephants do when shown a mirror) because he isn’t checking himself out so much as trying to attack the other male cardinal who dares to be in his territory.

*Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!