Feb 5 – These pictures PROVE that I have more self-control than David.  That big ol’ snowbank has been out there for a few days now and I had resisted the urge to throw Hobie in it all this time.  Even though his cabin fever nastiness has reached a peak.  Yesterday he demanded to go outside, standing at the door and meowing in a most obnoxious way.  When I opened the door he looked out at all that snow and turned to me and meowed in such a way that I knew he was blaming ME for the snow.  Those of you with cats know what I mean.  So, I resisted.  It was hard, but I did.  David was home not an hour before he tells me to get my camera.  I did because while I may have more self-control, I’m not above a photo opp.

Hobie did not want.

It did quell some of the cabin fever for awhile.  🙂  And Phoebe got a laugh out of it.