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March 28 – The frigid nights have led to some interesting frost.  Little snowy feathers about the size of a dime are all over the bare ground (which is only bare because I ran the snowblower over it).   At first I thought they were real feathers!  In my defense, I wasn’t wearing my glasses.


March 27 – David made me laugh with this new twist on getting the fire started.  We’ve had a number of single digit overnights and inside is chilly.  We’ve suffered through wet firewood all winter and now that it got rained on (before the big snow), it’s even harder to get going.  He got tired of huffing on it and came up with this.   He just smiled when I told him to hold still for a picture.  He gets me.

BTW, this totally works.  Look at those flames!

March 26 – Chicken is not at all pleased…  My chickens do not like going out in the snow.  They have the opportunity, at least on sunny days, but they resist.  Once some of the snow against the building melts off they will be standing in a group against the building, on the dirt.  But they rarely will walk on snow.

March 25 – I like having my staples in jars.  It makes me feel like either a real chef or a mad scientist.  Sometimes both.  I like being able to see what I have and how much and thinking about what I can possibly do with that Minnesotan wild rice David brought home.  The first dish made with it was a turkey leftover thing that was on the label and it was delicious.  The wild rice tastes rather nutty and we both enjoyed it.  I need to make it again.

March 24 – The birds are happy I feed them.  The sparrows had just come back the day or so before the snow.  I saw Chipping (above I think), Song and Fox.  The Fox Sparrows just pass through on their way further north.  They scratch by hopping forward and dragging both feet back, so they are fun to watch.

And the after, March 23.  We got somewhere between the 8 and12 inches forecast.  The wind blew it all around, so it’s hard to tell, exactly.  Here it looks like about 6, but in front of the boat shed it’s bare and in front of the privacy fence there’s a 2 foot drift.  There was thundersnow and blizzard-force winds and a whiteout.  And the first hints of spring are buried again.   My crocus were just popping up and I had finally seen the first robin.  I am done with snow!

March 22 – This is the before picture.  There’s a big storm coming in.  Originally its track had it north of us, and we might get a bit of snow (wah!) but then it moved and is heading right at us.  Cadillac looks like the center, and they telling us to expect 8-12 inches of the stuff.  Le sigh.  Just when it was feeling like spring…

March 21 – Jack is a handsome fella.  He’s wanting to be in with the lady chickens something fierce.  But Mr. Big, the Ranger Roo is in with them.  He’s been down of late – literally.  His legs stopped working.  But he has slowly been recovering and is now walking and jumping the ladies.  He knows he’s weak though and will not fight with Jack when Jack does get into the barn (he often slips in behind me when I’m feeding).  However, Romeo, the silky rooster takes care of the fighting.  He’s about 1/3 Jack’s size, but he fluffs up and they face off and throw themselves at each other.  I stop it rather quickly because I don’t like when they hurt each other.


March 20 – I made these stash baskets (link to instructions) to keep my current knitting in.  They keep more dog hair out.  This way I can have more than one project available to grab.  I usually have three or four things going at any one time.  One is just basic knitting round and round, one is color work that requires more concentration, another is also basic.  Depends on what I feel like doing.  TV knitting is the round and round stuff because I don’t have to look at it.  I just knit.  Makes TV time more productive.

March 19 – I like it when my tea talks to me.   I guess my mind must be relaxed most of the time.

Reminds me of an incident when I was working with international students.  I have a button that says “I’m not messy, I’m creative” and one of the Korean girls saw it and got this mischievous smile and said “You must be very creative then.”   I told her her English was just fine, thank you, if she could make jokes.  But it also made me laugh.  I miss those students.