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April 2 – These are my the bee pins I wear on my everyday vest (Eddie Bauer outdoorsman vest – wool with fleece lining and big pockets…mine’s wearing out and has many colorful patches on the pockets).  These pins are why I now have a bee mentor.  She saw them and started a conversation about bees with me and is going to help me get set up.  I may not get to have bees this year, as I’m starting rather late.  However, we will be setting up a time for me to visit her bees and see how it feels.  I’m very eager to start, but my bees must have homes before I can get them.  I already made that mistake with chickens, though it’s easier to fix that mistake.  I had 6 weeks of chickhood before I really needed a coop.  Can’t do that with bees.  If they don’t have a home, they will leave to find one.


April 1 – The Caesar Side Salad box from Wendy’s makes a rather nice tiny greenhouse.  To the left in the picture are orange tomato seedlings and to the right, basil.  In the coming week, I shall be starting a good deal more seeds, as it is time to do so.  I figure since I have to wait so long to plant it won’t hurt me to start my own so I can have the interesting varieties of  tomato I want.  The one I’m most interested in is the Amish Paste.  My reading indicates they are one of the best for canning.  I enjoyed canning tomatoes so much last year (and eating them this year!) that I wanted to give growing my own a try.

March 31 – I needle-felted this wee opossum to be a gift.  I plan to work a little larger for other critters but this one I wanted to be very teeny.  It hangs by its tail as a necklace.

March 29 – I love this chicken planter I picked up at the Salvation Army.  I stuck the Lemon Balm in its planter in the chicken.  I plan to transplant before too very long.

March 29 – The new chicks and I had a photo shoot.  I am very pleased with these photos!  I see Easter cards in my future!

The one above is a Buff Frizzle Bantam Cochin.  She (we hope it’s a she) will look rather like this when she grows.  Right now she only has a few wing feathers that are curling out.  Frizzles always look like they’re having a bad hair day!

I bought Peeps just for a prop.  Well, and because I hadn’t had any Peeps yet this year.  I usually only get them once these days.  My tolerance for pure sugar isn’t what it used to be…Anyway, the dark chicks are Ameraucana pullets (the darkest is already named Mouse because she rather resembles one in a mousey/chicken sorta way).  The yellow one is a Buff Orpington.

Here she is again:

I can tell a difference in temperament (that word looks wrong, but I double-checked) between the Orpington and the others.  Much mellower, more curious.  The original plan was for me to let my broody hen, Matilda, have the chicks and raise them.  Then I remembered how flighty Ameraucanas can be without some human intervention.  Now I realize that’s just how they are and if I want the blue eggs, I have to deal with it.  In the top picture to the far right you can just see the blue Ameraucana chick.  I got three of them plus the Orp and the Cochin.  Cochins are rather mellow and sweet, too.