March 29 – The new chicks and I had a photo shoot.  I am very pleased with these photos!  I see Easter cards in my future!

The one above is a Buff Frizzle Bantam Cochin.  She (we hope it’s a she) will look rather like this when she grows.  Right now she only has a few wing feathers that are curling out.  Frizzles always look like they’re having a bad hair day!

I bought Peeps just for a prop.  Well, and because I hadn’t had any Peeps yet this year.  I usually only get them once these days.  My tolerance for pure sugar isn’t what it used to be…Anyway, the dark chicks are Ameraucana pullets (the darkest is already named Mouse because she rather resembles one in a mousey/chicken sorta way).  The yellow one is a Buff Orpington.

Here she is again:

I can tell a difference in temperament (that word looks wrong, but I double-checked) between the Orpington and the others.  Much mellower, more curious.  The original plan was for me to let my broody hen, Matilda, have the chicks and raise them.  Then I remembered how flighty Ameraucanas can be without some human intervention.  Now I realize that’s just how they are and if I want the blue eggs, I have to deal with it.  In the top picture to the far right you can just see the blue Ameraucana chick.  I got three of them plus the Orp and the Cochin.  Cochins are rather mellow and sweet, too.