April 2 – These are my the bee pins I wear on my everyday vest (Eddie Bauer outdoorsman vest – wool with fleece lining and big pockets…mine’s wearing out and has many colorful patches on the pockets).  These pins are why I now have a bee mentor.  She saw them and started a conversation about bees with me and is going to help me get set up.  I may not get to have bees this year, as I’m starting rather late.  However, we will be setting up a time for me to visit her bees and see how it feels.  I’m very eager to start, but my bees must have homes before I can get them.  I already made that mistake with chickens, though it’s easier to fix that mistake.  I had 6 weeks of chickhood before I really needed a coop.  Can’t do that with bees.  If they don’t have a home, they will leave to find one.