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June 25 – Hobie has been seen sitting down at the end of the driveway a lot lately.  He sits about 10 feet from the road and well, just sits.  The dogs can’t always make him out at that distance, so they’ll take a run at him from time to time.  He’s only started doing this in the past few weeks.


June 24 – David created nest boxes and put a window in the coop.  The chickens are much happier, I think.  I know I am.

June 23 – I had my camera and could hear all the chicken footsteps behind me as I headed out to the barn for the evening grains.  I shot backwards from the hip so they wouldn’t stop.  This is what it looks like when a flock of chickens is following.

June 22 – My peony is blooming!  I was so excited when it came back this year.  I have 5 big pink blooms.  I love peonies.



June 21 – The chicks and poults outgrew the brooder box.  It will hold that many chicks while they are tiny but the moment everyone starts growing, all bets are off.  They were standing shoulder to shoulder and getting messy as they didn’t have room to preen.  So we moved them out to the barn in their own fenced off area.  They all started running around peeping as I released them into the bigger space.  The chicken-sized door is within their pen, so the big chickens have to be released through the main door right now.  When I went out to close everything up for the evening, all the big chickens were waiting by the closed chicken door.   Some scratch grains got them into their part of the coop and they will figure it out soon enough.  Soon they will have their own new chicken door.

June 20 – The Yellow Goatsbeard is beginning to bloom around the house.  It’s one of my favorites because it makes the big puffballs when it’s done.  Like a dandelion (to which it is related) only about twice the size.


June 19 – This is Olga Lake, where we like to go kayaking.  We went today, and it was quite lovely.  We were the only ones there most of the time.  As we were paddling in a family showed up to fish from shore.

The loons showed up, as did the kingfisher and the muskrat.  I got a single picture of one of the loons, but it’s at a distance.  They weren’t as sociable as they usually are, and they kept their distance.

Still, how lovely is this:

Paddling among the water lilies.  These kayaks are quite low-impact.  You can’t even tell where David passed in front of me.


June 18 – a walk in the woods with the dogs sometimes includes the cat.  He actually walks with us, keeping up quite well.  Sometimes he bolts ahead a few feet, then stops, the starts.  Walking with cats is much different from walking with dogs.  

I had started down the hill in back of the Art Chalet, dogs bolting ahead.  Then I hear a most piteous meowing.  I called out to Hobie and he loped down the hill and stayed with us for the whole walk.  Halfway through there’s a shortcut across the regular loop, and I took that this time as poor Hobie was panting.  Yep, cats pant.

I’m inordinately fond of this picture. 


June 17 – This, although it may not look like it, is a bounty.  The wild strawberries are ripe and I actually got some!  Usually I get one or two.  To find a small handful is a blessing indeed.  Now, first instinct might be to pop the whole handful at once.  To do so would mean I miss out on that bright fresh sweet/tart flavor.  If you taste wild strawberries, you can understand why humans wanted to domesticate and enlarge them.  These are so very tasty!

all gone!  I did savor.  Each and every one…   ah, summer.


June 16 – I am in the process of painting the interior of my Art Chalet.  It’s been white this whole time and it occurred to me at last that it didn’t have to be this way.  I chose turquoise and have three shades to play with.  One of the best paint deals around is Home Depot’s sample deal.  For $2.94 you get 8 ounces of quality paint.  I use it for my art a lot now, but it also lets me play like this.  I’m having to take it slow, though, as my chemical sensitivity is very sensitive right now.  I believe it’s due to allergy season having me sensitive to many things.  But I can’t be around perfumes or paint fumes or chemicals for long right now.  I start getting breathless and woozy.  Right now, even, I’m being affected by folks walking by wearing too much (to me) perfume…just the vapor trails are affecting me.   It’s rather annoying as I had gotten past so much of it.