June 16 – I am in the process of painting the interior of my Art Chalet.  It’s been white this whole time and it occurred to me at last that it didn’t have to be this way.  I chose turquoise and have three shades to play with.  One of the best paint deals around is Home Depot’s sample deal.  For $2.94 you get 8 ounces of quality paint.  I use it for my art a lot now, but it also lets me play like this.  I’m having to take it slow, though, as my chemical sensitivity is very sensitive right now.  I believe it’s due to allergy season having me sensitive to many things.  But I can’t be around perfumes or paint fumes or chemicals for long right now.  I start getting breathless and woozy.  Right now, even, I’m being affected by folks walking by wearing too much (to me) perfume…just the vapor trails are affecting me.   It’s rather annoying as I had gotten past so much of it.