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June 15 – One of the turkey poults.  It’s a good thing they grow up fast.  They are amazingly cute right now.  Too cute!  If they stayed this cute there is no way on earth I could possibly consider having them for Thanksgiving dinner.



June 14 – MORE CHICKS!  These are the Cornish cross chicks I purchased last month, for delivery today.  There are 26 wee little puff balls (that in 8-12 weeks will be ready for roasting) and 2 wee turkey poults (the brown puffs above).  I placed them in the brooder box with the 6 other chicks and at first the original chicks were not pleased.  Later, everyone was sprawled together in a great sleepy heap.  Watching chicks sleep is a very peaceful and relaxing past time, and you could die from the cute.




June 13 – One of my Barred Rock pullets – the baby chicks from April.  I have two, and they are named Salt and Pepper.  The older hen I have is Veruca (after Veruca Salt from the book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which is the first book I remember reading).  I have Barred Rocks so I can collect their striped feathers.  They are quite lovely running about.


June 12 – We traveled down-state (as they say around here) to visit David’s brother.  This is Mister, their 16-year-old cat.  He’s one of those cats that normally hide when visitors come, but I was able to keep a distance with my zoom lens.  He still slunk off after just a few minutes, but I was able to take his picture first.  I know another cat (also quite old) that I’ve only seen a few times in many visits, due to her hiding ways (Hi Pixel!)


June 11 – I’ve had this for a little while now.  My friend, Dawn, sent it to me for my birthday.  I love the copper chain with the glass art.  The background glass is even honey-colored!  It would probably be great if I could link to the artist, but I cannot find that information just now.  I will keep looking.


June 10 -This is what happens when one brings in eggs by making a pouch from the front of one’s shirt and then not checking thoroughly to make sure all the eggs have been removed…  oops.


June 9 – It appears I may have an actual Blue Orpington this time around!  Feathers are coming in a lovely slatey grey.  The two splash chicks are already getting some color splashes, so that’s exciting as well.  The plan is to build a couple movable coops, so my Blue Orpington dynasty will be protected.  I don’t think Jack will like being moved into a small coop after all his days of wandering, but I think he’ll just have to deal with it.


June 8 – Hobie has a good life.  Here he is in one of his favorite outdoor places – under my swing.  He gets sun, shade and protection from rain and it is evidently also a good birding blind.


I got this in the mail today! My mom created it for me and I can’t stop smiling when I look at it. There’s so much here that is me. Plus there’s a lot of her. When I finally finish mine I plan to hang them together. To me it’s my mom telling the story of me next to me telling my story.

David looks at them and says he doesn’t understand them, but he can tell how happy it makes me so says it doesn’t matter.

Photo taken with my phone, as I couldn’t find the camera.  I think some updates will be via phone since my internet has gotten so very spotty of late.

June 6 – This is what happens when you put out the end rind of a watermelon around our chickens.  They circle it and everyone wants some.  They all come running when they see David now, as he’s the one bringing watermelon rinds.