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July 28 – Took a walk with the dogs today.  They’ve been rather amped since David went back to work.  Tired dog is a good dog is one of our household truths.  It seems to be working.

The contrast of colors caught my eye.  Knapp weed (the purple) and goldenrod.

When we got home, Hobie ran out to meet us.  He gets up higher so he can greet the dogs nose to nose (and so they can’t chase him).  He’s standing on the mast of our boat.


July 27 – My Thai Basil is growing like crazy.  When I started I would hardly use it because the plants were so small.  Now I can use as much as I like.  It tastes licorice-y.  I’m letting it flower because they are pretty and because I don’t need it to keep growing.  I have plenty of Thai basil!

July 26 – A Secret Chicken Nesting ground.  Grr.  Lucy, the wee Dutch Bantam, got caught in the tiny coop when the wind blew the door shut.  I went to open it and found her inside.  “And what are you doing in here?” I asked her (yes, I talk to the chickens).  She ignored me and ran out to join the rest of the flock.  My suspicions were aroused and I crawled inside and found this…a good 2 weeks’ worth of her tiny white eggs.  I have no idea how long they’ve been here (through the heatwave we had, no doubt) so to the trash they go.  *sigh  One there is fly-specked, so it’s been awhile.  Now I know to look, though since I discovered her secret she has been laying in the barn, in the new nest boxes.

July 25 – The gladiolas I planted are starting to send up the flower shoots.  They look braided.  I have no idea what colors I will have, as I planted a mixed bunch of bulbs (corms?).  I’m very excited to be growing gladiolas.

July 24 – The turkeys are also growing.  They are ugly-cute in their growth.  They make very different sounds than the chicks, so I always know who’s talking.  They are also louder and when things aren’t quite right I can hear them peeping from the house and so can go check on everyone.

July 23 – The difference between the dogs when we’re out in the yard.  Sadie keeps her eyes on me, no matter where I may go.  If I look for her, she’s watching me.

Phoebe, on the other hand, goes into deep relaxation mode, especially if David is here.  When he’s gone, she tends to watch the road.  He was home today (last time for a bit – back on the road for him just now).

July 22 – We went fishing again.  I caught a fish this time.  It was quite exciting.   I even began baiting my own hook.  David had been doing it for me, but then a fish ate the worm and I had to paddle halfway across the lake to get another worm.  At that point I decided I could probably do it myself.  I apologize to each worm.  I can’t seem to help myself.

We stayed til nearly dark.

It is so very relaxing here.

July 21 – The meaties are growing quite nicely.  They’re funny little guys and make me laugh almost daily.

I’ve been asked how I can bear eat something I’ve raised from a baby.  I had trouble explaining it other than to say it doesn’t bother me.  Then I realized that it’s easy because I know they are happy chickens up until the day they become food.  They get to lead happy little chicken lives in an open place, well fed, not crowded (except when they outgrow their space – oops!), eating bugs and grass and lying in the sun.  They are naturally healthy and don’t need to be filled with drugs.  So with all that in mind, it doesn’t bother me.  They have fulfilled their purpose and enjoyed the life they had.  I hope I can say the same at the end of mine.

July 20 – A quiche to be.  Now that the zucchini train has started, it won’t stop.  I am freezing sliced zucchini to be quiches in winter.  Won’t that be nice?

July 19 – My garden is producing zucchini.  I also, of course, have a surplus of eggs.  One of the people who occasionally buy eggs from me mentioned making a quiche.  I had never made quiche, had actually only eaten once before (an amazing pesto mozzarella bit of goodness).  Looking at recipes I realized it is essentially a frittata in a crust, and I like frittata, so I looked for zucchini quiche recipes, wanting to use what I had.

The recipes I found all said to saute the zucchini first.  I didn’t.  There was a bit of extra water but cooking it a bit longer seems to have taken care of that.  The grape tomatoes were a whim.  I thought they’d be pretty, which they are, but they also balance the dish nicely with a touch of acid.  Good stuff this.

So here’s *my* recipe:

1 pie crust (I started using the recipe from America’s Test Kitchen)

3 smallish zucchini, sliced
4 eggs (separate one)
½ c sour cream
½ c plain yogurt (I used greek yogurt)
1 c cheese (¼ sharp cheddar, ¾ monterey jack or swiss)

½ c grape tomatoes, sliced

Put pie crust in pan (I use a deep-dish pie pan). Whip up the egg white from the separate egg and brush the crust with it. Poke crust with a fork and bake at 425 degrees for 10 minutes.

When the pie crust is lightly browned, take it out of the oven and let it cool a bit. Lower oven to 350 degrees.

Layer ½ of the sliced zucchini in the bottom of the pie pan.
Layer cheese on top of the zucchini.
Beat the eggs (including the separated one) together with sour cream and yogurt. Add salt and pepper to taste, along with any herbs you might like. I tend to like summer savory in this dish. Pour egg mixture over cheese.
Layer remaining zucchini over eggs, then add tomatoes. Bake at 350 degrees until the egg is set in the middle – takes a bit over an hour.

I also added in a yellow summer squash and it was good too.

I used yogurt and sour cream because I didn’t have ricotta and half and half.  I just remembered that I also added a couple tablespoons of powdered soy milk and a quarter cup of water to the egg mixture one time, but not always.  It seems to thicken it up a bit.  Anyways, I’ve made three in less than a week and we love them.