July 1 – I have three new baby chicks.  Jack, the Black Orpington, is the father of them all.  No idea which of the laying hens is the mom(s).  I had marked 7 eggs and left them under a trio of broody hens.  Along about day 19 or so, someone started eating the eggs!  I grabbed them when there were four left and put them in my incubator to finish the hatching.  One turned out to be a bad egg (caught it before it exploded) but the other three hatched over the course of a few days.  And here they are.  I wasn’t planning on having to brood another group of chicks (the hens were supposed to do that!) but it isn’t a great hardship.  David just wants his garage back from the chickens.  So as soon as they get feathered out, they’ll go out in the barn, either in their cage til they get big enough to fend for themselves, or in with the group of meaties.