July 13 – David had job testing in Big Rapids.  Or he thought he did.  Really, it’s tomorrow.  So I remembered that the Mecosta County Fair was going on and said as long as we had driven down, why didn’t we go?  I like looking at chickens and such.  So we looked at chickens and rabbits and goats and pigs and checked out the photography and such.

Then I saw that they had this!

and I wanted to ride the big swings!

I decided to ride barefoot since I wasn’t sure my Birks would stay on.  Nice Birkenstocks, aren’t they?  I got them (brand new!  The ink was still on the insoles and it only took me a day or two to wear it off) at the Goodwill for a mere $3.99.  I am so pleased.  Anyway, watching the ride run through once showed me that I would end up where I started so I kicked them off before the ride started.  David chose not to ride with me.

It was so fun!  They were faster than I expected for some reason (I mean, the centrifugal force should have been obvious from watching – no wonder they call it Vertigo) but the breeze was wonderful and I grinned the whole time.

After I had my swing (yay!),  we were heading out but decided to stop at the goat barn once again.  We have goat questions and we found someone willing to talk to us.  She was the owner of this Boer cutie:

We learned during our probably hour-long conversation that if we wish to utilize goats for both meat and milk, we should start with a milk doe (probably Nubian) and breed her to a meat type (probably Boer or Kiko).  The kids would be meaty types and we could go from there.  My friend Candy made some soft goat cheese the other day and that convinced us that we want to have our own milk (because YUM!).  Of course, raising a goat for meat may be very much different from raising chickens.  But we’ll see.