July 14 – So after David returned from his second trip to Big Rapids (he has an interview next Thursday!), we packed up to go fishing.  Someone had told us of a lake where eagles lived.  You know I wanted to see that.  Well, I got to see this!

Maybe 20 feet away?

The eagles have a nest just next to the lake.  We could hear the eaglets screeching for food.  Turns out, if you catch a fish that is too small and are going to throw it back anyway, you can hold it in the air and the eagle, who has been sitting patiently in a tree nearby, will take off.  David caught this small-mouth bass that was just an inch or so short for keeping.  He tossed it out and the eagle swooped.  Right between our kayaks!!  We could hear the wind whistling in its wings.  It was truly an amazing experience!  The folks who told us of this magic were there, and we watched them throw a couple fish back.  This is an opportunistic eagle.  I have a video I’m trying to upload (rather unsuccessfully at the moment)  I’ll link to it when I get it available.

We also saw loons, kingfishers, heard barred owls, watched a deer swimming.  It was quite the magical place.  We stayed til the sun was going down, then got to watch fireflies dancing.  Truly magical evening.